XXXV^ Challenge Stellina

27 AUGUST 2023



Date: Saturday 26th August 2023 – Susa – Piazza del Sole
From 3.00 p.m.:Sprint in piazza: sulle orme del campione olimpico Livio Berruti – promotional event for children and adults organised with ASICS (official technical supplier)
5.00 p.m.: Musical moment supplied by the students of the Somis Musical School of Susa
6 p.m.: top athletes’ introduction and institutionals speech

Date: Sunday 27th August 2023
Start women and mens race: Susa / Arco di Augusto crossing city streets
Start juniors race: Mompantero / frazione Chiamberlando
Finish area: Costa Rossa
9.00 a.m.: start Pro-Sen-Sen Master M-W Arco di Augusto / Susa (Km. 14,3 – D+ 1630 mt. / D- 210 mt.)
9.00 a.m.: start Juniores M-W Chiamberlando / Mompantero (Km. 7730 – D+ 790 mt. / D- 40 mt.)
9.45 a.m.: first arrivals (junior category) in Costa Rossa/Mompantero
11.15 a.m.: partisan commemoration of the Battle of Grange Sevine and Holy Mass in Costa Rossa
12.30 a.m: awards ceremony and lunch with polenta offeredti athletes and spectators