Jonathan Wyatt President of WMRA

I am thrilled to be able to present the International U18 Cup in Susa, Italy.  My association with the town of Susa in the heart of Piemonte in the Val di Susa goes back to 1999 when I first started competing in Mountain Running and now 20 years later to return with under 18 runners that represent the next generation of our sport is very exciting.  Over many years I have enjoyed racing here as well when you come to Susa you learn and experience the important and wonderful cultural history of Susa.The event returns to its roots where the Memorial Marco Germanetto race was created and forms the basis of this International event.  The WMRA has had great difficulty finding a suitable location this year and so we are very appreciative to have the support of Atletica Susa, the local Council of Susa and the FiDAL (Italian Athletics Federation).  For people reading this message I would like to encourage everyone to make this event and future events possible by spreading the message that junior running in the mountains is important and exciting.  The WMRA would welcome interest from all countries to make sure that this event has a strong future.

I would like to wish all the runners taking part the best of luck and success and to thank also all the supporters, parents and managers for making this event a strong part of the Mountain Running movement.

Jonathan Wyatt
WMRA President